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1. About As Hopes Decay

AS HOPES DECAY is a small metalcore band located around Marburg. It was founded in december 2014 after the split of members of Never Ending Sorrow and Keep Me Alive. After few rehearsals multiple songs already were written to be able to play live.

The music by AS HOPES DECAY is defined by melodic guitars, fast crushing drums and the brutal voice of the singer.

While some songs invite to dance and shout along others call for a classic circlepit. Anyone who's just looking for good ol' metalcore is at the wrong play though. The songs aim to find a good mix of metalcore riffs and deathcore parts.

Already in 2014 AS HOPES DECAY had the opportunity the play various gigs with bands like The Green River Burial and H2O.

Since autumn 2014 the band works in complete selfdirection on their first longplayer "Consequences", of which two songs already were released in october 2014 and january 2015. Both songs, "The Tragedy of Society" and "Relief", managed to get alot of positive critics.
The longplayer will most likely be released towards the end of 2016.

2. Contact

Kevin Slenzka

Oberer Feldhain 1

57334 Bad Laasphe, Germany